Impact on the Fastener Industry

The high price of the iron ore has much effect on the domestic steel prices. This “war” then makes people worry about the future development of the fasteners. fastener company Fastener, also known as “rice of industry”, is the basic component which has very common and wide usage. It has a close relationship with the steel industry. Except for its wide applications, there are also large demands for these products.

It is obvious that there is a significant growth in the demands for the steels. In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s fastener industry, there is also a significant growth in demands of steels for fasteners. Steel accounts for almost 100% of the weight of fasteners products. While taking into account of 15% -20% of the material loss during the production process, a ton of fasteners need about 1.18-1.25 tons of steel. Thus, these products need to consume a considerable amount of steel every year. According to the statistics, demands for fasteners in the cold-heading steel market reach about three million tons in 2003, and it increased to 4.5 million tons in 2005. In 2006, the national demands reached 5.5 million tons.

Steel is the basic material used in the fasteners. The materials for the manufacturing of fasteners can be steel, nonferrous metals, stainless steel, titanium or other engineering materials. executive presence coaching And the processing methods can be hot working or many others. But 90% of the products adopt the cold-heading process. Products manufactured by this process have good quality, high precision and high production efficiency.

Some steel companies who have a close relationship with the fastener industry have formed the industrial cluster of cold heading method. There is a variety of categories paoc-africa such as low-carbon steel, medium carbon steel, and low-alloy steel, etc. The specification is from 5.5mm to 42mm, covering almost all needs for the steel of the.

Besides, there are many principles for the choice of the stainless steel wire used in the fasteners. Generally, bolts, screws, and rivets do not have to consider the effects of temperature, harsh environments or other dangerous conditions. The materials commonly used are carbon steel, coinmarketalert low alloy steel and nonferrous metals. But in certain occasions, fasteners materials need to meet the requirements for the severe conditions of corrosion or high-intensity. Thus, there are many stainless steel and ultra high strength stainless steel came into being.

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