Obama Attack on Libya

Last few days, I have been wondering about Libya. Thinking Hard, savegeeks about what the best course of action should have been, how a similar situation can be stopped in future, etc. I wandered over the line of thought about how cheap human life is, in some context. But that’s all for later. Right now, I start from the beginning, slicing open the case for the world to see.

There is no doubt in my mind that Gaddafi should, creditcana be overthrown. He is a barbarous, sadistic ruler who has no qualms about killing the citizens of the country he rules. We are talking about a person who executes the dissidents publicly, and the executions are broadcasted on state television channels. The dissenters are the people who dare to question his regime, and were brought to notice by the extensive surveillance system set up by him. Hundreds of Libyans lost their lives in the war against Tanzania, when Gaddafi tried to save his friend Idi Amin. He is a typical ruler with high power and no brain. The eastern part of his country became impoverished under his economic theories. The country is run on force and force alone, with not even a speck of libertarianism anywhere in his regime.

So naturally, when the wave of successful revolution, expresstrue flew across Egypt and Tunisia, the Libyan people too ‘took to streets to claim their basic human right.’ As Mr. Obama recounts, an unnamed Libyan said, ‘For the first time, we finally have hope that our nightmare of 40 years will soon be over.’

However, Gaddafi did not give up easily. He ‘escalated his attacks, launched a military campaign against Libyan people, killed the innocents, choked off supplies of food and fuel, attacked journalists, shut off water’, and… well, you can imagine. He used brutal force.

All right. He should be stopped. But how? This, timesgym is where the President of the United States, Mr. Barrack Obama got into action. And rightly so, since something needed to be done. He got the support of his closest allies–France, UK and the Arab nations and some more states. But going by his widely televised speech given on March 18, 2011, his main concern was the humanitarian crises that would have ensued and the destabilization of the entire region. And also, ‘the calls of the Libyan people would go unanswered’.

Now, the actions taken by the ‘UN’ were: a no fly zone was imposed on Libya, the tanks and military assets were bombed (since they had been choking off cities and towns.) This was what was told by Obama to his people. However the number of civilians killed in this operation is being wildly anticipated, Gaddafi Government estimates that over 100 have been killed in the strikes, oculuscredit some state that close to 40 have been killed, while Dr Suleiman Refardi told the BBC that 7 have been killed and 25 hurt after a coalition air strike in ‘eastern’ Libya,

The US and the coalitions fervently deny it, stating that there is no ‘proof’.But this much is clear, civilians have been killed, and their number is far more than 7.

This is a direct contradiction of what Mr. Obama aimed to achieve. His main ‘propellant’ to act was humanitarian reason. And if his attack is killing people, and he’s not even accepting the fact, that just shows how his main aim is NOT to save the people of Libya. And according to Ron Paul, depotblue Congressman, UA was about to withdraw its support to the no-fly Zone imposed within an hour because it did not expect civilians to be killed. Another reason why Obama acted was because’ left unchecked, the whole region would be destabilised’. Ah well. That, I don’t know, bombing it DID lead to further destabilization. What I think is this, US has supreme technology, and a superb surveillance system. That CAN be utilised properly for some diplomatic solution. Pressure should not be imposed on the military because this sets Libya back decades ago.

The speech is what irks me because it conveniently glosses over the black spots, glorifying the actions, not different from the way medieval kings must have done. Recounting fake discussions on how the Libyan love the American intervention, it’s too fake. The Libyans want the horror to be over, they don’t want a war. In fact there was some faint voices on the news, rumors that Gaddafi had agreed to step down the throne, but the opposition disagreed because it was ‘too respectable’. Rumors about these kind of situations are more often than not true, and this makes me feel that America was present in Libya much before it announced.

America might say with all its might that it isn’t there for the oil, and that it is doing this for national security, humanitarian reasons, but there is a reason that it is interfering in Libya and not in Saria or Yemen where similar shootings are taking place. And though the United states of America presents its most respectable face in front of the world, the world suspects its real motives, and rightly so, because it, for sure in hell, isn’t fulfilling its projected motive.

The war in Libya is a war between two wolves, the sheeps will lose at the end, people will be killed, while the two strive to achieve their own motives.The way it happens mostly all around the world, the high and mighty fight, and poor pay.

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