Blogging Techniques I Personally Use

1. I now write longer articles. To adhere with the latest ketodietposts Google algorithm update, I see to it that I write longer posts. Although I write 500-1000 words per post, I never forget to strategically utilize keyword phrases, position the keywords in the content, and measure keyword density. Long posts are good, but it takes quality to make the post gain popularity and readership. Google isn’t your only reader; you have real readers who want information, too.

2. I make sure that my site’s name and URL are search engine-friendly. The keyword is still the best weapon in SEO blogging. So aside from putting keywords in my, legalsolid site’s content, I also include keywords in my domain and website name. Straightforward, keyword-related, niche-related URLs and site names are simpler and more SEO-friendly.

3. I am always updated. I love being updated, valorantis and hate being left in the dark. That’s why I subscribed to major search engine blogs (Yahoo!, Bing, and especially Google) and websites for SEO and blogging tips.

4. I am open to other ideas. I read blogs and websites related to other niches and industries. I love reading news because this is where I get ideas for relevant posts.

5. I use WordPress and its superb plugins. Blogger may be the winner of the blogging platform showdown, but I prefer to use WordPress. Since I’m an average blogger,gamerdidi who has only basic knowledge in Web design techniques, WordPress plugins guide me in my journey to becoming a better hands-on blogger.

6. I choose a good blog theme. More than aesthetics, WordPress’ SEO-friendly themes help me put up other minor blogs with ease.

7. I look back. The algorithms used by search engines, basketoffers frequently change, and SEO techniques have to be adjusted according to these changes. However, as changes become fast and abrupt, we tend to forget the old-school SEO concepts that once led us to success.

8. I take SEO adages and clichés seriously. Adages and clichés exist because these are often true. If experts say that “Content is king” and that “Link building is not yet dead”, I believe and follow them.

9. I have my website checked regularly. I am no Web expert so I have my website checked by a professional. My blog and my website are connected, and I see to it that they are always in harmony in terms of design, speed, etc. According to Web experts, websites need to be restored and updated, too. Through this, I learned the importance of SEO-friendly Web components and site speed.

10. I add photos to each post and keywords to the photos’ filenames. Keywords really are important in ensuring your site’s popularity and success. Even the filenames, lastgain of the photos in your posts should contain keywords. In addition, I use photos to break up the blocks of text in my blog’s posts.

11. I connect to other bloggers. I connect to other bloggers not only in the context of link building. Aside from reading and commenting on their blogs, I email and add them on my Facebook and Twitter accounts and exchange ideas with them.

12. I share, I connect. I never forget to share my posts with other people through my social media accounts. I am fond of Share buttons because these allow my posts to reach people from different niches.


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