The Importance of Photography and Why It Interests Us

There are few who realize the actual importance, frontiernews and meaning behind photography and the work we do as photographers.

*Let me tell you about it.

This particular art form is used commonly everyday. You may not notice or recognize it as photography but it’s everywhere. From the picture on your cereal box to the billboard on your way to work. It doesn’t stop here either, you see photos at work, restaurants, stores, on products,localletter fast food, even while driving.

Photography is also a huge part of history. Photo’s allow us to take a glimpse at the past and how things have changed, stayed the same, people who have been lost to heaven, famous moments in history, the list goes on and on.

Not only is photography important, it is Inspiring.

Photography is all self-expression and relating, newspoke an image to an emotion or message.

A photo can have a huge impact on someone and that’s exactly what we strive for. A simple landscape of a sunset could change someone’s whole mood or thought process. Say someone’s having a terrible day and happens to stroll past this sunset photo, they’re initial thought could be “Tomorrow is a new day” and that person could relax and shrug off that terrible day.

Photography is INTERESTING!

I was on Facebook earlier and decided to update my status, This is what I asked:

“What about Photography interests you?”

Here are a few of the replies I received:

K.H. — “There are so many possibilities within photography, they’re endless. There are tons of different ways that photography allows you to express yourself,topicals  even if you’re taking portraits. There’s always some sort of representation of yourself.”

A.R. — “I feel like you can capture a moment and keep that moment forever; that you would ordinary only see for a split second with the human eye. Maybe it’s an expression that someone gives, or a bird flying in the sky. It’s capturing beauty at it’s finest.”

S.S. — “You can just get lost with just you and the camera. A way to clear your thoughts if you need. It’s fun and enjoyable too.”

I was amazed at the replies I got. I feel the same way!, tbadaily They each point out the importance and the interest that lies within photography. It’s therapy for your mind and emotions. It’s creativity unleashed on the world. It’s a movie that shows only one slide. It’s a personal diary. It’s a time machine. Photography, is beauty.

Photography allows us to share and communicate. We share photos on Facebook with our friends to share and communicate what we’ve been doing, how we are, and each picture is of your own creation and imagination.
These images that we share with the world can involve a bunch of strangers to all feel the same emotion or experience the same message. We feel what we see. Photography is it’s own language that helps us to speak through the scenes and images we capture, letting the world know how we view it.

We use it at work, not everyone, but a huge potion of people do and don’t even realize it; Police officers use this taking photos of the crime scene and evidence. Store managers, restaurant managers, and others use it for maybe a big inventory shipment, employee, kulfiy of the month photos, crew photos, food photos, food posters/billboards. Photo journalism, regular journalism, news photos, school photos, work i.d’s, the list is endless. Everyone, whether they know it or not experiences some form of photography, everyday.

Without photography our world would become very dull, pale, imaginationless and very deprived of self-expression. As we have gone over, photography is indeed very important and interesting in life today. Without it, we would be lost. Keep on taking photo’s and spreading the word to the world!


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