Celebrate Your Pet’s Life With Professional Pet Portraits

Let me ask you a pointed question: Are you taking your pet for granted? As animal lovers, most of us seem to go through a bit of a routine throughout our pets’ lives. When we first get a new “baby,” the camera comes out and scores of photos are uploaded to Snapfish and Facebook. We get so wrapped up in the newness of a cute puppy or kitty that chores go undone just to make more playtime with our new pet. For a couple of months, s/he is the center of our universe. And then the routine falls into place.

For years, we take our pet for granted. Not neglect, mind you, but we fall into the same sort of rut married couples and families succumb to over time. And, just as with people, it often takes a bad report from the vet or an accident to shake us out of our routine and remind us of just how much our pets mean to us.

Today’s the Day to Celebrate the Life of Your Pet

It’s just human nature. When we have people or pets around all the time, we assume they will always be with us. Instead of taking your pets for granted, apply these three pieces of advice from human counselors to your relationships with your pets.

First, set aside time to spend with your pet. Sure, you take Rover for a walk once a day, but do you *enjoy* that time? Or is it just another thing to mark off your to-do list? With the busy lives we live, it’s hard to work it all in. But, as a member of the family, your pet deserves his or her fair share of love and attention. Pet Portraits

Find something you both like to do. Maybe it’s throwing a ball or playing chase with a piece of string. Whatever play activity you choose, your cat or dog will grow in appreciation that you created special time just for him or her. What’s more, candid photos of you playing with your pets make excellent pet portraits. What a fun way to celebrate!

Second, do something special for them. Whether it’s picking up his favorite chewy at the pet store or gently scratching her tummy until she falls asleep in your lap, your pet will quickly understand just how much s/he means to you.

Third, don’t procrastinate. Life’s too short. It’s time to celebrate your pets’ lives now with professional-quality pet portraits.

Creating a keepsake of this magnitude will not only provide you with fine art to hang in your home, but it will also enhance the bond between you and your four-legged friends. In addition, pet portraits offer a way to capture lasting memories that will span decades into the future.

When choosing an artist to paint pet portraits, look for someone who truly captures the individuality of your pet. For the best quality, insist on hand-painted or drawn pet portraits rather than imitation computer-generated replicas.

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Celebrate your pet’s life starting now. They enrich your life in so many ways, isn’t it time to commemorate them with something truly unforgettable?


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