Top Trends in Cosmetic Surgery in the Last Decade

Recent years have shown such tremendous and significant growth in the field of cosmetic surgery. There are more people who are choosing to undergo plastic surgery today than in the past. We probably have to thank the marketing of plastic surgery companies and the accessibility of the procedures for this considerable rise in its popularity. It is easier than ever to have cosmetic surgery because of the many clinics that have made access to it more convenient than it has ever been previously.

No longer are cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation solely for those who are popular and super rich, but even for those who are considered as mere ordinary citizens. In other words, cosmetic surgery is now for everyone. No less an authority than the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) has already stated that plastic surgery has been continuously growing more popular ever since 1997.

In 2010, to highlight how plastic surgery has been growing in popularity and not just acceptance, about 1.6 million procedures were performed. This figure represented such a significant jump from the previous year, 2009. It would be interesting to look at the top trends in cosmetic and plastic surgery for the past decade. The following are some of those top trends.


    • Breast augmentation through silicone breast implants. Without a doubt, this has been one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures ever, with women wanting to augment the size of their breasts through surgery or artificial means. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) re-approved silicone implants for use in breast augmentation. The new approved silicone implants are more durable and have proven to be much safer. It looks and feels more natural and there is also little chance of leakage because of the thicker shells. top surgery


    • Facelifts that have become less invasive. It used to be that facelifts used to give patients that stretched look that would easily allow others to notice that a person has undergone that particular type of cosmetic surgery. There was also the scar that was quite difficult to hide for the patients. Fortunately, that situation has now changed, with the trend going the way of various techniques for the facelift. No longer will the patient the stretched look of before, but a more natural and even somewhat rejuvenated look.


  • All new techniques for contouring the body have become available. There has been a significant increase of patients who undergo Bariatric surgery in order to loss weight through surgical methods. In the past, patients may have been able to lose a lot of weight through surgery, and yet have remained dissatisfied. But now, because of more comprehensive and much better body contouring techniques, that problem has definitely been solved. Advanced planning, peri-operative testing, and other factors that include work outs have now come into play to make it an improved experience for patients overall. And for even better results for every patient, there is also the option of improved technology involving liposuction – vaser, ultrasonic, etc.


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