Guitar Lesson Video Online – Advanced Heavy Metal Techniques For Intermediate Players

If you are interested in learning advanced heavy metal guitar techniques there is no doubt a guitar lesson video can be a big help. However, many people often get intimidated as beginners as they think they will not be able to follow along with these types of lessons. The great news is there are many exceptionally well produced DVDs being offered these days that make it much easier than ever before for all players of any skill level to get started. The problem is many people simply do not know where to start, and that is precisely where we come in.

I have tried a ton of different lesson programs, instructional DVDs, and guitar lesson videos online; there is a lot to choose from nowadays. The real problem is it’s hard to cut through all of the crap and actually find a DVD that provides a little bit of substance. That is, however, until I discovered the series of instructional guitar lesson video DVDs from legendary guitarist Michael Angelo Batio of band Nitro fame. Of course Michael’s reputation of being somewhat of a guitar god around the world was enticing, however, Heavy News I quickly realized there was much more being offered than MAB’s image. The fact of the matter is guitar players interested in learning rock and heavy metal licks simply have nowhere to turn. Sure there are tablature sites and lessons available online, but these only provide you with the notes and not the insight necessary for mastering some of the more difficult or unknown techniques used in the heavy metal world. When it comes to this specifically, there is truly no one better than Michael Batio to teach you some of the tricks and techniques used by the heavy metal guitar masters. For decades he has been credited with so much innovation in the guitar world and praised for his unbelievable technically mastery of the guitar. If you have ever wanted to shred like your favorite rock stars, you will definitely need to learn everything that is taught in Michael’s guitar less video DVD series including the Speed Lives and Speed Kills DVDs.

While many may have heard of Batio’s lessons, many write them off right away as being just a gimmick. However, after a little while the DVDs began to experience a ton of success internationally with many notable guitar players even crediting the DVDs with teaching them new techniques. Some of the best guitar players in the world look up to Batio’s undeniable mastery of the guitar, but this certainly hasn’t stopped him from being as humble as possible and teaching you some of his secrets and favorite techniques on these DVDs. Another notable reason that these DVDs have become so popular is the fact that many rarer techniques such as string skipping arpeggios and neo-classical shredding techniques are taught in depth by Michael. This opportunity is something all guitar players will certainly want to take advantage of before its too late.


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