Booklet Tips – Everyone Does It

Are tips booklets old news? After all, there are so many trends in information products and marketing approaches that have come and gone and even come back again. Some have lingered on with barely a blip. And others have had minor modifications that keep people coming back for more. jeddahvape

It may be easy for you to be distracted by the latest shiny new object, only to discover it goes nowhere for you. It is simply not a match for the people you serve and want to serve. Maybe you got distracted, wondering how it is possible for a colleague to have the results and success they are, while you hit a dead-end.

Yes, printed tips booklets as they have been done in the past couple decades and longer just might be old news for you if your primary end-user:


  • is geared mostly to easily portable downloadable Kindle publications
  • goes online first for most of their daily life personally and/or professionally
  • gets much of their educational snippets through 2-minute online YouTube videos
  • likes the idea of graphics posted on Pinterest or tips posted on SlideShare


In each of those cases (and many others), agreed, the printed tips booklet is probably a mismatch. That doesn’t mean there is nowhere for you to go with your how-to tips content. In fact, it’s more a matter of determining what really is your best way to reach those folks. You can take definitely your content to those downloadable places once you decide which sites are best for you. sob-bau

However, let’s say your audience is completely comfortable reading by holding something in their hand and turning pages, regardless of their age. They want to access your information without using any electronic device. Those same people may receive your printed booklet because a company or association wants to use the booklet as a gift with purchase or a leave-behind or some way to market their product, service, or cause. While the companies and associations realize that various social media sites are increasing in popularity, they also know their audience does not go to those sites, does not buy that way, and prefers to be reached offline. The associations and companies want your tips booklet.

At the risk of offering you an amazing grasp of the obvious, one size does not fit all. This is true with tips booklets, other information products, and the entire array of marketing approaches. odozapato

ACTION – Review your audience with the specific purpose of determining how appropriate printed tips booklets are for them. If you’re unsure, ask them. They may give you perspective you never considered. For instance, they may love the tips booklets format, and they will like them better if you increase the font size or use black ink rather than other ink colors you are using. Some people will also tell you outright that they now read almost everything on their Kindle or other electronic reader. All of that information gives you guidance on whether to change format, change markets, or continue doing what you’ve been doing. Just because it seems like the entire world has jumped onto a particular bandwagon doesn’t mean it is the right approach for you. rtp500


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