Is the Eagle’s Wing Broken – Or Does America Still Soar?

They loved her like she was the last land on earth; gave her everything they had. The world tried to break her spirit down, thereloadershouse then come lovin’ up on her in need. They’d give a little, and then take it back.

She’d tell the world about her dreams, they’d just shoot ’em down; Lord they loved to make her cry. “You’re crazy for believing, you’ll ever leave the ground!” She said only eagles know how to fly. And with a broken wing she still believes, and keeps an eye on the sky. With a broken wing she carries her dreams, man you ought to see her fly! ammunitionscenter

Sunday morning her people didn’t go to church; she wondered why they didn’t believe. Her eyes swept the landscape, from sea to shining sea; she saw the children fall at school, the parents crumble in despair. She flew into their bedrooms, and cried as she watched them mourn. How could this happen in the land where hope was born? She realized now, they looked at God in scorn. บาคาร่าออนไลน์

And so with the curtains blowing in the breeze, the eagle flew, to soar above the seas. She flew into the heavens and ask God to bless them, to help her make them see. To help them remember how all this came to be. To help them remember their strength was always in Thee.

And with a broken wing she still soars and keeps an eye on the sky. With a broken wing she carries our dreams, man you ought to see her fly!

If the American eagle’s wing is broken, it will mend through the faith and dedication of her people. Many gave much and some gave all; the dream still alive because of those who refuse to let her fall. skywings

American exceptionalism stems not from her government or wealth; its roots lie in the fertile soil that nurtures the seeds of imagination in her people. Those who dared to dream, to imagine a world where people were free to be all they could be, to build a Republic where her citizen’s could follow their dreams and chart a new course if the winds of change blew across the plains. affluentwords


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