Making Sure You Choose The Right Makeup For Your Skin

If you don’t have any idea what kind of make-up flatters your skin color, Blogline worry not because it’s not as hard as it seems.

For fair-skinned ladies, silver eye-shadow and smoky eyes work best make-up for you. It stands out and blends all in one. To achieve a dreamy look, otthonszuletik sweep a silver eye shadow over your lids for that fairy-tale prince look. If you want a more dramatic effect, you can line your eyes with a black eye pencil and apply coats of mascara. Another tip, before you apply eyeliner, tap the brush twice to get rid of excess powder that may smudge or stain your face later. Apply baby pink hues on your cheeks to enhance your natural rosy glow. Use a pink or berry-colored gloss to top off your look. princefoundation

For tan, play your strengths by sticking to earthly tones as make-up for you. Instead of camouflaging your color by piling on white powder making you look like a clown, brush a bronzer on your T-zone and on your cheeks and chin. This will give your caramel hue a gorgeous glow. Green hues are usually used on the lids to give you a playful and easy-going look. Peach or cream gloss is then dabbed on the lips for overall enhancement. pollenindex

For those who are in-between, meaning not fair enough to be mistaken as Snow white’s sister but not tan enough as well, fret not! You can actually use this to your advantage. Ditch the smoky eye look and go for even more playful tones like purple and blue. villanyt-szere

Apply the darkest shade on your lash line and cover it with a medium shade. Blend and repeat this process until you get a lighter shade on your lids. Because your eyes are already dramatic, izomautok play it low on your cheeks and lips. Opt for a light bronzer and blush on your cheeks and subtle gloss for your lips and these are best make-up for you. kutyulva


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