Creative Costume Ideas For 2008

I don’t know what it is but people seem to be getting more and more dressed up each year. Costumes are getting more colorful, king77 creative, and sexy. If you are one of the bunch who love to dress up and have some fun, here are some creative ideas for this year.

1. Joker from Dark Knight – Whether it’s due to Heath Ledger’s performance or the menacing look of the makeup and costume, the Joker is a definite hit and has been in great demand this Halloween. Many people are trying to give their own creative spin to the makeup. A friend of mine has decided to dress in this costume and will be mixing a bit of “the Crow” with the Joker. So, puss888 anyone can get creative with the makeup so long as you have the purple coat which comes with the costume. If you decide to create your own Joker costume the most difficult part is trying to find the coat. The costume is about $30 to $40 so it’s not too bad. But if you insist on getting your own try a thrift store or check to see if one of the online stores has a long purple coat that they sell separately. Once you have the coat, pickup some clown makeup which is relatively inexpensive and if you want to go the extra mile, get some hair dye and you’re set. Oh and a bit of advice. I know this sounds stupid but you’d be surprised at how many times this has occurred… put the makeup on last after you’ve dyed your hair and put on your costume. slot35

2. Wardrobe Malfunction – I saw this one last year and it was hilarious. Some guy had a dress on and had fake breasts with one of them exposed. I asked him what he called the costume idea and he called it a “wardrobe malfunction” so I just went with the name. If you intend on trying this just make sure you arrive at the party when everyone is on there second or third cocktail or you know everyone there has a sense of humor and there are no kids! Some of the women might be a little offended or uneasy with the costume. Nevertheless it’s hilarious and if there is a costume contest where you are going, I guarantee you will be in the running with this. betflix789

3. Goofy, sexy girl – Have your face covered with your hair or a long wig and put on a sexy outfit or costume with high heels. The objective here is to fool the guys into thinking you’re one hot looking girl and when you reveal your face, you give them an unexpected surprise. Get some goofy teeth, put on a fake mole or buy one with hair growing out of it, get some thick glasses and put on your makeup as if you were putting it on the girl who slept with your husband or boyfriend. For more info visit these sites: zodiac888

4. Castaway – This one is relatively simple. All you need is some tattered clothes like some old pants that are cutoff into shorts, an old t-shirt that you can dirty up and a volleyball with a happy face painted on it. If you want, cut open the volleyball and stick some branches in it. If you lose the ball during the party, yell out, “WILSON!”


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