Pros And Cons Of Living By Nature

Today, when the lives of most of people strictly depend on comforts offered by civilized cities we cannot even imagine how we can live outside of these conditions. Going to countryside is not desirable for someone without a TV set or radio. We do not know how people live in small villages located deep in forests or far away from “civilized” places. We can’t imagine life without the internet, infos-live cell phone, television, computers and many other things which were unnecessary for about 50-60 years ago. At the same time, many people do not appreciate nature, which is near them. They pollute it with city trash, wastes without trying to restore it. But how can we live in a more ecological way?

Environmental care should be the concern of everyone. At least it concerns people, 24newsmaster who want to save our planet for their children and grandchildren. We cannot influence on big business and make it be more responsible for nature, but we can do our own contribution to it. Let’s find out how we can help ecology individually:

    • Prefer reusable things instead of disposable in your everyday life. These are: towels, the dishes and so on.


    • Try not to switch on the electrical appliances, if you can manage without them. Don’t forget to switch off the light and other appliances instead of leaving them in “sleeping mode”. thermn


    • It’s better to use heating appliances as less as possible. Make heat insulation check of your house and choose ecologically friendly appliances for heating. It is also possible to set solar batteries on the rooftop. This is not only good for nature, aniioki but profitable for you as well, because governments of many countries provide various grants and rebates for people, who make contribution to renewable energy sources. You will also save some part of energy for your country by using solar batteries or wind turbines.


    • Save water: use economical attachment for shower. The same as with electricity simply do not use it, when you don’t need it, for example, when brushing teeth. Fluxusiptv


  • According to statistics contemporary people use more than 100 kinds of industrial chemicals. These products are not only poisonous for nature but for us too. Be aware of products you use; try to use the least toxic ones. If you can’t do without this or that chemical, keep it in safe containers. ufabetutoredm7




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