3 Ways to Live Off the Grid – Green Energy

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live off the grid? Living a green life shouldn’t be expensive or a hard thing to get started. But with much of the information blocked by Big Media and Big business it may seem a little confusing on the best source to get your info. infos-live

Well, there are a number of ways today to start your transaction from expensive, polluting non renewable energy to clean burning,safe renewable energy sources. These sources are tested, world-arms safe and cheap to do on your own. With the ever-growing population and the already growing troubles to supply enough energy to all of us. It makes good, thermn sound sense to live off the grid and not have to worry about your day-to-day energy needs.

Solar Panels:

Possibly one of the best known ways to cut you power bill and reduce your carbon imprint. But with the high start-up cost and the amount of time it takes to earn back your initial investment, many people shy away from this option right away. Fluxusiptv.

Wind Turbines:

Many of us have heard of Wind Power but haven’t thought of it as an reasonable solution for our our energy needs. You would have to make many small to medium size mill to power a house or a couple of large ones. With space limitations and city codes this may not be the best option for many of us who live in the city. rare-chems

Magnetic energy:

By far the best,cleanest,safest energy producing method out there to date is Magnetic energy. The earth’s natural rotation and orbit causes it to produce magnetic waves, which if captured properly can be used to produce massive amounts of free sustainable energy! It was being used thousands of years ago but was lost and meant to be kept hidden because of its amazing potential.

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