Military and Industry Partnering to Upgrade Aircraft Maintenance Software

Partnering in business is becoming very common practice these days. Such partnering can occur between the supplier and the buying organization. These partnerships are very important for strategic reasons like desire to guard against adverse price movements in the market hurting the organization’s budget. In other cases they are entered in situations where the suppliers are very few while on the other hand the material to be supplied to the organization is very strategic. Sometimes it can be a very pivotal service which the organization cannot do without. This material is usually very important to the business or the firm such that a commitment has to be secured to ensure its supply is not disrupted at any time because it may mean closure of business.

These strategic alliances enable the supplier organization and the buyer organization to share important information. This is very important for proper understanding of the pertinent issues involved such as costs and level of performance expected. Proper decision making is also boosted now that relevant information is readily available. One way of partnering is having the organization’s employees in the supplier’s premises to help them develop required specifications in a more exact manner.

Military has not been left in this. Given the security nature of its operations, a lot of customization and confidentiality is required in its dealings. To improve its services to the citizens, it has gone an extra mile and employed use of up to date technology in its air craft maintenance. One such measure is use of aircraft maintenance software. It has partnered with software designers to upgrade its maintenance software so that it has latest features.

This upgrade is important to cater for changing military needs and make it much more efficient. It enhances maintenance cost monitoring. You realize that aviation maintenance software in very general and therefore cannot cater for specific needs of a given firm. For instance, military needs very customized aircraft maintenance software, tailored to its specific military needs. Unlike private firms, military is financed by the government; it has to operate within the allocated budget.

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